Dream to Success, and in-between

Boy-Reaching-for-StarsDreams and Goals are what form an important part of life. Sometimes, we merely dream and think, slowly getting low and down and it becomes too late. We realize that we are no more following that dream. Sometimes, we dream and take action. We see results, sometimes good, sometimes bad or none.

The-thinker-we-think-corporate-communications_pageBannerWhy don’t we always get results? A very simple answer. We just start. We are not always moving ahead. Be it starting to do workouts, starting to go ride or swim, doing a small start-up sideways with the job, starting to read, write, launching a social project. There are many examples you can find from your own life.

50313786-silhouette-teamwork-of-people-climbs-into-cliff-to-reach-the-word-goal-with-sunrise-goal-setting-busConsider things around, consider those successful start-ups. Those people who transformed their own self by a huge extent. Almost for all of them, their plan changed many a times on the way, but the Goal remained perhaps the same, Dream remained the same.

Simply consider how work in many organization’s function. For instance, in an IT Company, where there are many projects for different clients, close to 70-75% time in a project is spent in planning. Getting the right plan is most critical to their success.

That’s where the difference is. “A Goal without a Plan is Just a Dream”. Many a times when we start doing something, it’s because it comes to our mind, and we start thinking or taking action. Taking action is good, but be cautious, because actions don’t last all by themselves, there has to be a plan, which can drive consistency. A plan which can either be made before the start or or on way.

Being ready to change and refine is the key. Maybe you start to do something, and in a week, or some days, you realize it has to be done the other way. That’s where you are right. There are a whole set of options, and different ways of doing it, and you have to keep refining, changing and improvising to pull it through. It’s not a digital world of 0 or 1 in your choices, it’s a long synchronous wave cycle with a large set of points (ways) of doing it.


More than 90% of start-ups end up doing something other than what they planned. If that is the way it’s happening, it’s perhaps RIGHT. Not only in case of start-ups or a businesses, but also personally and professionally, keep changing and keep refining and improvising your plan. The right plan will itself find you and put you on the track you have been looking for.

You get it right. We keep thinking many a times, sometimes we take it ahead, sometimes, it’s lost. Simply put, some steps and characteristics which put across success in front of you are.

  1. Dream and Wish
  2. Think of what you want to achieve
  3. See where you want to reach – Set your Goal loud and clear to yourselves, and if required the world
  4. Know what will it take to do it, but don’t get scared. It looks like a mountain, but mountains are there to be conquered. Know the realities, know what can put you down
  5. Plan
  6. Execute
  7. Be ready to modify the plan, keeping the main goals and dreams in view
  8. Keep executing
  9. There you see Results, and you find that right way, taking turns left and right, with broken roads, suddenly looking paved, with slower patches becoming speedy.

Dream – Think – Goal – Plan – Execute – Change the Plan – Execute Further – Repeat last 2 – Success & Happiness



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